Sassy, sexy, stylish and a stereotype smasher! Video creator, fashionista, size positive influencer and Forbes 30 under 30 Sakshi Sindwani truly rocks. So when we got the whiff of her tying the knot with her beau Raghav Arora, we grabbed the chance to create something bright and brilliant, just like her, for her. And this set the tone for our shining new collection, Zehra. ‘Sakshi & Pataaree’ was a match made in heaven from the word go! We got on call and brainstormed. Six months of curation and customisation later, we were off to Delhi, to present the charming lady along with her extremely warm family (who fed us a feast fit for kings), exclusive handcrafted wedding invite boxes - the Zehra mini trunk, dazzling in pearls, mirrors, and bead work, capturing attention with its ivory and champagne gold colour palette, and carrying within it the essence of all the five senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste as requested by the beautiful bride-to-be. Here’s our showstopper, Zehra, for Sakshi & Raghav with #dhersarapyar