Joyous moments in life warrant symbolic gestures. Together, Pataaree and Boond have created a timeless token, that is true to tradition and culture, and is a cherished act of love - Sajra. This exquisite attar of roses comes packed in all the fineries - an elegant bottle green velvet and gold box along with delicate rings and a charming bracelet stringed with pearls and champagne gold and burgundy beads. The green velvet lining of the box is accentuated with a lovely rose floral print, bringing out the delightful Kannauj roses which are also one of the main notes of the Ittar. Shades of bottle green, maroon, gold and ivory and earthy tones compliment the special occasion it has been handcrafted for. Tokens of love transform into treasured memories with a handwritten poem on Sajra which will definitely bring a smile to your face as you read it. It has our heart and all our blessings for you as you celebrate special moments in your life. We hope to recreate an old word charm of a product which is as integral to a festivity as the festival itself.