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Jago, in Punjabi, means wake up. The Punjabi jago ceremony is held a day or two before the wedding along with the sangeet ceremony and involves ‘waking up the neighbourhood’ with song and dance. It starts with the eldest female member of the family heading the Punjabi jaggo ceremony with the main Punjabi jago item on her head - The jaggo brass matka, all lit up with lights. Others join in, singing along and beating on Punjabi jago items including the chajj and danda, a long stick with ghungroos and pakhis (hand fans). The sangeet ceremony with traditional gidha, wedding boliyan and dance follows this.     

What Pataaree is offering in the Jaggo/ Sangeet Ceremony Collection?

There are specific Punjabi jago items used in a jaggo/sangeet ceremony, and at Pataaree we handcraft the following:

  • Jago matka - Available In brass/steel, our Punjabi jaggo matkas are handcrafted with gold trims/gota work, velvet fabric and beaded tassels 
  • Uno - This Punjabi jago item is a small ring of cloth placed under the matka for balance and is handcrafted to match the Jago matka.
  • Chajj - This traditional Punjabi jago item is given a designer look with beads/tassels/trims.
  • Sticks - A small stick is used to beat on the chajj, and it is wrapped in gota/trims to lend a unique look.
  • Long danda - This Punjabi jago accessory is essential to lend a beat. The long danda is carried along with the matka and is embellished with trims and bells.
  • Pakhi - One of the most beautiful Punjabi jago items, the hand fan has been handcrafted with frills, brocade, phull and gotas to compliment the Punjabi jago ceremony or given as favors at the sangeet ceremony. 

Why Choose Punjabi Jago Items from Pataaree?

Pataaree is about restoring and reviving tradition, and all our Punjabi jago items are true to the tradition - from the different designs and work done on brass matkas, the handmade uno placed under it to the custom made chhajj, long danda and sticks with different kinds of trims, tassels and ghungroos (bells), and the hand fan, the handcrafted Punjabi pakhi - every Punjabi jago item and sangeet ceremony item is unique and high quality. 

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