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One of the oldest wedding traditions, the choora ceremony symbolises new beginnings in a bride’s life. In the choora ceremony, the bride's maternal uncle presents the choora in a chuda box with a chooda cover.he sisters bring the kalire in a kalire box to tie it to the bride’s bangle at the choora ceremony. It’s a momentous occasion, signifying the bond of love, fertility, prosperity for the bride, and we, at Pataaree have curated elegant choora ceremony products including chooda cover, chuda box, kalire box, thaal and choora bowls. 

What Pataaree is offering in the Choora Ceremony Collection?

Our handcrafted the choora ceremony products include the following:  

  • Full Choora Box: Available in different colours and fabrics, our full chura box is the perfect gift for the bride on her choora ceremony. 
  • Kalire Box: Sisters can choose our beautiful handmade kalire box for the choora ceremony, which can be later used as a jewellery box too.   
  • Chuda-Kalire Box : A symbol of love and celebration, our handmade chuda-kalire box is the perfect box to present the choora and kalire to the bride at the choora ceremony.
  • Chooda Cover: Our chooda cover with their hand-stitched trims and tassels is a must-have choora ceremony essential.
  • Thaal with bowl : The choora ceremony needs a thaal and bowl to cleanse the chuda in ‘kachcha doodh’. Pick our handcrafted thaal with a choora bowl to complete the choora ceremony set.

Why Choose Choora Ceremony Collection from Pataaree?

As revivalists and restorers of tradition, we, at Pataaree, ensure that wedding customs are celebrated with honour and style, and for that, we create products that are a keepsake, an heirloom piece. Our choora ceremony products - from the chudaa box, kalire box to the thaal, choora bowl and chuda covers are made of superior quality material, exclusive fabric and design and handcrafted by our experienced artisans.

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