7 Facts About Pataaree

The Revivalists

It was 2017, and Pataaree was a couple of weddings old fledgling of a brand when a client requested us to design a Sahe Chithi. It piqued our interest, because till then this was a lost tradition, and we were getting the chance to bring it back to life! Now, according to (Punjabi) tradition, and culture, Sahe Chithi is the first wedding letter, an official invite to the groom’s family to bless and solemnise the wedding on the D-date.

In this spirit ofrevivalism, and resuscitating our lost culture, we created our first Sahe Chitthi, which over the
years, has turned into our bestseller product.

Designed in India

Design is the first step of the greatest story ever told. It is the driving force, and we’ve been conceptualising and creating a series of stories through our products at Pataaree for the last seven years. Yes, 100 per cent designed in India and shipped globally.

Handcrafted in House

No, we do not scourge the bazaars and markets for readymade stuff! We have trained and raised an exceptionally talented team of artisans right here, from the region. This talented lot, bubbling with infectious energy, ideas and endless dreams infuse life
into each and every product that comes on their table.

These are happy hands at work bringing
to life heirlooms of love.

Made to Order

The two most important people in the wedding are the bride and groom, and over the years, we’ve relentlessly, and passionately designed,curated and handcrafted trendsetting wedding essentials for both. At Pataaree, we’ve evolved into a bespoke brand for all seasons, events and occasions.

Come, celebrate originality with us.

Ladies First

We are a women driven brand with more than 60% of our team members being women and less than 1% attrition rate. We have women team leads whose leadership is honored by all in their respective teams.

Understanding nuances of emotions, resource
management is a natural skill for women, and we take huge pride in this strength, the mark of
our success.

A Collaborative spirit

In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, we welcome collaborations - connections and partnerships that open doors to new worlds and connect with ours. Take for instance, our collaboration with Peedu’s People. We’ve had clients who have had their pets besides them at their weddings, and as an animal/pet friendly brand, we joined hands with Peedu’s for adoption drive and pet accessories.

Our Trunk of Love Stories was another lovely
connection with the LGBTQI community. It’s all about strengthening community ties and bonds.

Heirlooms of Love

We’ve had a long love affair with the Banarasi fabric. It’s the fabric of celebration, it’s the fabric of tradition, it’s the fabric of custom. It is prized and timeless, and the way we see it, weddings are an emotional affair, where prized possessions and timeless
treasures are passed down through generations. And at Pataaree, we are the romantics, passionate about crafting exquisite pieces that capture the essence of tradition and deliver forever pieces to be cherished and passed down through generations.