SINDOORI coloured red threads stringed with little golden bells, curtains of marigolds adorning the walls, the sun filtering through the colourful mosaic of the shamiyana, the sputtering and sizzling sound of jalebis and pakoras as they tap dance on hot oil, merry little giggles and boisterous banter filling up the rooms, a tuneful hum of love and prayer on the lips, heirlooms taking centrestage, trousseau trunks being rolled out - weddings are a grand fare, one that every bride and groom wishes to be picture perfect.

Drawn to the infectious razzle dazzle of the Indian wedding, friends Shagun Bawa and Rekha Thakur couldn’t help but notice how most of the celebrations end up looking like ‘cut copy paste’ versions of each other. The ‘happily ever after’ was missing a personal touch. 

It was time to revisit, review and reinvent the Great Indian Wedding. After months of researching on traditions, exchanging notes with aunts and grandmas of friends and family on a multitude of Indian customs and rituals, scouring old bazaars in search of inspiration on colour and design, brainstorming and ideating, the girls threw open a treasure chest of dreams - curated, handmade, customized. And with that, Pataaree was born in the year 2016. 

The Founders

Shagun Bawa - The Ideator/Designer 
Madly in love with colours, Shagun Bawa bid adieu to Great Britain and a thriving career in IT to fly back home, and relive the hustle bustle of its colourful life. She brings to Pataaree her creative energy and channels it all towards creating artistic pieces, motifs, designs. Carving a niche in an already tight space is a challenge – but Shagun comes with an extra x factor that makes the Pataaree experience, brand and product bespoke, brilliant and made to the bride's order.  

Rekha Thakur - The Busy Bee of All Ops 
Quiet, rooted and observant, Rekha is the busy bee working tirelessly in stealth mode, keeping the Pataaree machinery well oiled and working. From Himachal, Rekha’s productive, ingenious, and resourceful streak strikes a balance in the running of the business and the brand. She truly is the behind the scenes hero.