Ivory and green Palki Sahe Chithi set with screen printed scroll

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Set Includes: Palki with tray, Screen printed scroll (size 20"x12"), Shagun Envelope and 1 kg mithai box.

Language options: Hindi, English, and Punjabi.

Note: We take the Sahe Chithi details via email once the order is confirmed.

Stately and royal is the statement our Palki Sahe Chitthi with heavy mirror work and embellishments makes. Adorned in ivory and gold brocade with bottle green velvet and matching gold and mirror trims, the Palki is the perfect dreamy medium for the Sahe Chitthi (the first wedding invitation to the groom's family). Along with it are matching tray and mithai box, Shagun envelope, and an invitation penned in calligraphic style on a scroll. Another option is the oval frame for the invitation.

Size: 12"x9"x10"

Material: Base Material MDF wood (Medium Density Fibreboard) and brocade fabric with matching velvet and mirror gota work.